Health21© is an educational communications and boots-on-the ground advocacy initiative whose mission is to support a new vision of wellness and health care for the 21st Century. The program will contribute to thought leadership, strengthen public-private relationships, encourage civilian/military interoperability and shape the future direction of health for all. As a broad-based initiative, it will also share information, build bi-lateral and multi-lateral relationships, create a networking infrastructure, and provide mentoring and collaboration opportunities among diverse, international audiences and stakeholders. Health21© utilizes a relationship platform, which includes a magazine with more than 800,000 readers, nationwide forum series, expert guest lecture series, educational podcasts and videos, and on-the-ground collaboration opportunities that contribute to the betterment of all.



  1. Raise Awareness of the mission of Health21© and its partners, supporters, collaborators, sponsors and participants;
  2. Inspire a Creative, Multi-disciplinary “Rethink” that enlarges the vision and understanding of wellbeing, wellness and health care;
  3. Provide Motivation to encourage, accommodate and embrace collaborative change;
  4. Share Information and Build Working Relationships across a wide array of disciplines and professions affecting health and world populations;
  5. Provide a Platform that supports and rewards beneficial change within a structure of inclusion for all and diversity in all capacities;
  6. Embrace and Empower the Current and Next Generation of wellness and health leaders, so they may expand the vision for future generations worldwide, despite political or other challenges.