Livebetter Publishing


Livebetter Publishing (LBP) focuses on bettering the human condition within a real-world scenario using shared values that support a holistic approach to organizational “good.” To this end, the group focuses on outreach, strategic communications, market development and positioning, magazines that build and support communities, and advocacy. LBP accomplishes this through its extensive experience in public/private partnerships, stakeholder relations, program and business development, strategic planning, idea generation, as well as editorial, circulation and advertising management.

LBP’s diverse expertise is reflected in more than 50 national and international, association and private industry programs and magazines its staff has worked with, created communities with and monetized. This includes Wildlife Conservation Society, Society of American Military Engineers, McGraw-Hill, American Nurses Association and Reed Elsevier. Livebetter Publishing is a sister organization of Center for a Better Life (CBL), which was founded in 2007 as a communications consortium to educate stakeholders on international security and federal sustainability. This collaborative communications and education effort, which includes livebetter magazine, was accomplished with assistance and support from the Department of Defense (DoD) and the U.S. Military Engineering Service Chiefs. It boasts a long list of world-renowned researchers, academics, international photographers, high-ranking federal executives, political appointees, private industry and military general officers and admirals as its partners, sponsors and supporters.

Livebetter Publishing and its sister organization build programs for military/civilian interoperability and consumer/business advocacy for, and public/private involvement with, all aspects of international sustainability and human security, health and human needs by enhancing and shaping public understanding and support. The group has partnered with AMSUS on Health21© to provide a turn-key initiative that realizes our shared hope of a new vision of wellness and health care for all. Health21© is also working with high-ranking military flag and general officers, political appointees, private industry leaders, federal departments and agencies, colleges and universities, and other relevant organizations as supporters, partners and sponsors to raise awareness of this critical, global mission. For more information, please contact Rosemarie Calvert, president and publisher, at, Alex Beehler, DoD and chief sustainability advisor, at or Mike Ryan, associate publisher and director of sales, at