General Information

Health21© is partnering with all branches of the Uniformed Services to create educational outreach and relationship-building programs with participating academic institutions throughout the United States and abroad.  Health21© Forums are relatively small get-togethers (200-400 participants) designed for maximum one-on-one interaction on a specific topic.  Forums will share information, contribute to thought leadership, encourage civilian-military and other Uniformed Services interoperability, and provide mentoring and collaboration opportunities for students, faculty and researchers with a diverse group of federal health professionals.

The Health21© Guest Lecture Series is similar to the Forums but is a scaled-down, primarily online version designed to accommodate the needs of instructors in a classroom or similar setting.  Health21© Guest Lectures will be presented by Uniformed Services subject matter experts (SMEs) and can be provided to undergraduate and graduate school students, professional school students  (Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Business, Engineering, etc.), as well as medical residency and other professional programs.  Health21© Guest Lectures are topic specific and designed to share information, build bi-lateral and multi-lateral relationships, create a networking infrastructure, and provide mentoring and collaboration opportunities among diverse, international audiences and stakeholders.

For more information or to schedule a Forum or Guest Lectures, please contact Rosemarie Calvert at, Mike Ryan at or call 202-599-0061.