EWG’s new, nationwide tap water report

by admin
August 10, 2017 News

EWG’s new, nationwide tap water report details pollutants in virtually all U.S. public water systems. The Tap Water Database at ewg.org aggregated and analyzed data from almost 50,000 public water systems in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  Although the vast majority of utilities are in compliance with federal regulations, their water still often contains contaminants in concentrations exceeding levels scientists say pose health risks.  Because the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not added a new chemical to the list of regulated contaminants in 20 years, more than one-half of contaminants detected in U.S. tap water had no regulatory limit at all.  Those contaminants could legally be present at any concentration and utilities do not have to test for them or tell customers about them.  Contaminants detected included:  93 linked to increased risk of cancer, 78 associated with brain and nervous system damage, 63 connected to developmental harm to children or fetuses, 45 linked to hormone disruption and 38 that may cause fertility problems. – Sourced from EWG