Military Families and Depression

by admin
August 10, 2017 News

San Antonio’s University of Texas Health Science Center is using a telemental health platform to connect caregivers with military families, where depression is four times higher than other populations. The 12-week program, funded by a USAA grant, provides 50 families with telehealth counseling on topics like pain management, effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI), and mood and anxiety disorders.  Experts seek to validate the model as an ideal means of engagement and then expand it nationally for beneficial and lasting impact on military families. The telehealth model fits with military life since service members and their families use Skype, Facebook and other apps during deployment to engage with each other.  Research indicates that the telemental field could greatly benefit from telehealth due to a provider shortage.  Recent surveys estimate one mental health provider for every 566 people, with that ratio plunging to one for every 1,100 in underserved areas like Texas. – Sourced from